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How to get customers to scan QR codes?

February 10, 2023

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, QR codes are everywhere: they are present in restaurant menus, business cards, our articles… impossible to escape from them. However, “the average scan rate of QR code campaigns is 12.8%” according to Beaconstac, a secure QR code generator. So how do you prevent your QR code from being abandoned by your consumers?At Pimster, we give you all the tips to boost the visibility of your QR code in 3 simple steps. 👉

Make your QR code visible

Be careful where you place your QR code

Indeed, it must be visible, accessible easily and especially readable by a smartphone. So forget about QR codes placed in odd places, or places that are not visible at first glance. Choose a flat surface, that nothing can hide. For example, you can place it in the centre of the handlebars of your bike or on one of the sides of your toaster. This will boost your scan rates!

Use call-to-action around your QR code

This will incentivize your consumers to scan it. A QR code that walks around by itself will never be scanned, because without a description, it does not attract any curiosity. Moreover, some QR codes contain malicious links redirecting to viruses. Therefore, in order to avoid that your customers are suspicious of your QR code, it is crucial to represent it by explaining its functionality. This description can be a very short sentence describing the content of the QR code. They will trust your QR codes. Here are some examples to help you understand:

  • Here is one of our advertisements with our client Zeway: with a simple description (and a bit of humor) the scan rate of this QR code is multiplied by 2.4.
Increase your scan rate with clear instructions
Increase your scan rate with clear instructions
  • Below, the juice brand Innocent perfectly displays its QR code:
Increase your scan rate with attractive QR codes
Increase your scan rate with attractive QR codes
  • QR codes can also be used to get customer feedback like Yelp does, not to mention an introduction to entice the consumer to scan:
Increase your scan rate with clear design
Increase your scan rate with clear design

Personalize your QR codes

You can put your QR codes in your company's colours, using for example online software allowing to personalize QR codes. It is also possible to place your logo in the centre of your QR codes or to change their shapes to make them original. This allows your customers to represent them easily and feel more confident about your QR codes.

Also, pay attention to the size of your QR code. It should be large enough to scan, but not spoil the aesthetics of your product. The generic size is 2x2cm.

Produce content that attracts and interests your consumers

Create interesting content

In order for your QR code to be scanned, the content must first and foremost attract your customers. You can therefore redirect to additional information about your product that is highly appreciated by consumers (place of manufacture, detailed composition, environmental impact…), promotions, your brand's site, explanatory videos…

Take care of the landing page linked to your QR code

Did you know that "88% of online consumers are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience"? According to Justin Mifsud founder of Usability Geek.

The same phenomenon goes for the landing page of your QR code: if the user experience is bad or doesn't add value, your customers won't scan again your QR code, because some trust has been broken. So you'd better take care of this page, and pay attention not only to the content it displays, but also to the design, UX and UI it offers. Your scan rates will increase if the customer experience you propose is stunning.

Create a new user experience

Using QR codes on your products is an opportunity to innovate and create original and effective experiences. And since 5% of consumers felt they got good value when they had a disappointing customer experience, it's crucial to nurture your customer experiences.

The latest innovation? The QR codes on Malibu bottles. The rum brand sold limited edition connected bottles to give its customers an enhanced experience. All customers had to do was scan a QR code on the bottle to access exclusive cocktail recipes and play an interactive mobile game with the opportunity to win prizes.

Increase your scan rate with real experience

Use QR code to create interactive web apps

The QR code is a modern and very practical tool to modernize your content and your brand image. You can put it at the centre of your content strategy. You can also use it in your marketing strategy as mentioned above with Malibu or to create original content such as instructions!

For this, don't hesitate to use Pimster to create and modify your instructions in digital format and make them accessible through QR codes placed on your products. Now 88% of customers expect organizations to provide self-service support, according to the American magazine Harvard Business Review: what better way than a QR code to put service and repair information at your fingertips?

What are the benefits of the QR code?

  • Give visibility to your website or social networks, and attract your audience to it.
  • Create original marketing campaigns.
  • Offer complementary and useful content such as how-to's that are practical in a digital and interactive format, as we do at Pimster.
  • Survey and collect your customers' opinions: like NPS surveys! Check out our latest article on this topic if you want to discover all the NPS secrets.
  • Encourage customers to download your brand's mobile application, which then allows you to increase the number of customers on your application and especially to allow them to continue interacting with your brand's universe, even after the purchase.
  • Gather customer data, and thus better understand the preferences and usage your customers have of your product. Keep in mind that 78% of consumers use mobile devices to connect with brands for customer service. That number jumps to 90% among Millennials. (Forbes 2019).

Are you convinced about QR codes for your products? Launch your own interactive, digital user guide and increase your scan rates with us!