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Drive customer loyalty with personalized
product onboarding.


Make every user a product expert from day one.

Connect your customers to the product information they want and need.

Premiumize the experience and build differentiation.


Get to know your customers and personalize their journeys.

Unleash your product's potential with our intuitive dashboard. Track key metrics, gain customer insights, personalize effortlessly.

Make data-driven decisions and outpace the competition.


Engage your customers along their product lifecycle.

Maximize the value of your products with our services.

Collect feedback, extend warranties, and offer buybacks to keep customers satisfied.

With timely notifications at each stage of the product lifecycle, make the most of your available services.

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User experience & competitive advantage

“Pimster helped turn a point of frustration into a great product experience. We’re proud of our product onboarding.”

Product adoption & support cost

“With Pimster we ensure that customers clearly understand our product. It helps us reduce our support cost by 30%.”

Customizability and scalability

“Thanks to Pimster, we deploy a solution to guide thousands of customers in 150 countries in just a few clicks...”

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