Leverage your product  manuals  for customer relationship.

With Pimster reduce the ressources allocated to user manuals collaboration. Take control of your product unboxing and build loyalty.
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Save time at each step of your user manuals lifecycle !


Collaborate with your team in live, add variables and share responsibilities.


Your manuals are updated in real time. Stay on top of your product's updates.


Integrate dynamic templates and accelerate your time-to-market.

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Turn 100% of your first customer
interactions in a success.

Engage your brands towards product durability

Power your product life simplifying the access to maintenance and self-repair tutorials, accelerate your spart-parts sales.

Collect feedbacks and inspire trust

Simplify review collection and turn your consumers into true ambassadors.

Increase your conversion rates by up to 25%

Build trust with customers displaying your features and usage on your acquisition channels.

Say goodbye to paper manuals and go for paperless packaging

Dematerialisation of your packaging is a prerequisite for consumers. With Pimster, measure your environmental impact from day one.

Reduce your aftersales tickets  by 30%

Stop wasting time answering questions justified by manuals non reading. Anticipate them.

Optimise your product returns

Consumers prefer to return their products rather than  read the instructions for use. Anticipate this cost centre and simplify your customers journey.

Transform your manuals and build your audience in just a few clicks.

1. Transformation

Upload your user manuals  on Pimster, they are automatically transformed into a digital format. 
Personalize the experience your consumers deserve.

2. Personnalization

Simplify the construction of your records, integrate instant translation, and involve your collaborators through comments and updates.

3. Deployment

Be where your customers are. We help you connect with your consumers using an omnichannel approach. Pimster automatically deploys various acquisition levers: SEO referencing, QR codes, downloadable PDFs or directly on product sheets.

4. Analysis

Monitor the performance of your products' life cycle through the data collected on Pimster. Understand how your products are used, meet your consumers and share the right content at the right time.

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“Pimster helped us measure the impact of notices dematerialisation. Product instructions is a new channel to interact with our customers.”

“Trough  Pimster, we simplify the edition and creation of our product manuals. 
It's a real lever to meet the product’s durability challenges.”

“With Pimster we significantly improve the post-purchase experience. In a few clicks we have deployed the solution in 150 countries.”

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