Engage your customers as soon as they get their hands on your products.

Connect your users to your product through interactive product onboarding. Say goodbye to your leaflets and hello to customer data.
Engage your customers now!
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They took back control of their customer relations with Pimster

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Don't miss your first impression

Make every user an expert on your product from day one.

✔️ Use web stories to make sure your product is well adopted.

✔️ Make the most of AI to empower your consumers and optimise your customer support costs.

Engage with your users

Control your data, control your growth

Track your users' behaviour and expectations in real time using our analysis tools.

✔️ Reconnect with your users by registering their products as soon as they start using them.

✔️ Segment your database according to the user behaviour analysed on our dashboards.

Collect your client data

Turn occasional users into loyal customers

Optimise the cost of your marketing campaigns by capitalising on your existing users

✔️ Collect product reviews at the right time in the right place.

✔️ Increase your conversion rates with targeted, personalised marketing campaigns.

Activate your customers and build loyalty

Stay one step ahead of your competitors
with a long-term sustainability strategy

Extend the life of your products and optimise the user experience from maintenance to repair.

Dematerialise your packaging for the benefit of a connected customer relationship.

Ensure the traceability of your products, enabling your customers to track their origin and life cycle.

Engage your customers now!

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