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The 5 retail trends to develop for 2023

March 28, 2023

In a previous article on our blog, we explained the retail trends to watch out for in 2023, which would influence the retail sector.

The sector is being disrupted by the digitalization of all interactions between the brand and the consumer, and by an increased personalization of the services and products offered.

In this article, the Pimster team will focus on the retail trends to be developed for 2023. πŸ‘‰


Trend 1: Artificial Intelligence

It's impossible to miss this phenomenon at the beginning of the year, as the arrival of ChatGPT as a conversation platform using IA has caused a stir. However, we can expect more and more novelties on this side, which will upset all the sectors and especially the retail sector.

For example, Panera Bread, a sandwich shop in the United States, has decided to implement a voice IA to take customer orders at the drive-thru. This has reduced waiting times and allowed employees to focus on preparing orders. Customer satisfaction increased by 20% with the AI implementation. (CNBC)

So AI is really coming to the retail sector, and revolutionizing the customer experience.

Panera Bread teste l'IA dans les drive-thru lanes Γ  Webster, Greece NY
Panera Bread tests AI in drive-thru lanes in Webster, Greece NY


Trend 2: Personalization

In 2023, personalization is a fundamental trend that will continue and surely accelerate. We can expect an increase in customized products and services for each customer in the retail, it is no longer an originality, it is now becoming the norm.

Moreover, your brand has everything to gain by developing the personalization of its products, as Forbes showed that companies that have adopted the personalization of the customer experience have seen their revenue increase by 15%.

At Pimster, we believe that personalization is crucial to maintaining a connection with your customers in the post-purchase.


Trend 3: Self-repair and product maintenance

The sustainability of products is nowadays everywhere, and particularly framed by regulations such as the Agec law. But self-repair is also a growing trend among consumers, who are concerned about maintenance or repair possibilities in the event of a breakdown as soon as they buy their product. 88% of customers expect companies to provide self-service support (Harvard Business Review).

This self-service assistance can take many forms such as: an application dedicated to your product, a chatbot or an online user guide offering maintenance tips or breakdown instructions.


Bulb repairation tuto with Brandt
Bulb maintenance tuto with Brandt



Trend 4: A community of customers

In 2023, we can expect to see the emergence of the customer community phenomenon. What does this mean? Your customers will no longer be only subscribers to one of your services or simple recurrent consumers of your products, the retail trend that is emerging aims at building an online community, on social networks for example, of customers sharing a same passion: your brand and its universe.

Your objective will be to position yourself in such a way as to build a storytelling, an adequate image with your brand to federate your customers around common values or events and meetings with your brand.


Trend 5: QR codes

We already described the explosion of QR code usage in a previous article, and it's a trend that will continue in 2023. QR codes have the advantage of being able to slip in everywhere: flyer, product label... and to give a quick access to a lot of information online, and all this at low cost for your company.

It is an essential marketing lever that we see more and more in retail. For example, for clothing, more and more brands are replacing the traditional label with a QR code giving access to information on care, composition, but also the place of production and the carbon footprint of the garment. This is the case of Maison Patou, relaunched in 2019 by LVMH, which attaches a square of fabric with a QR code printed on it, which then gives access to the product's information and especially on the manufacturing process.

Maison Patou gives access to the manufacturing process of its clothes thanks to a QR Code
Maison Patou gives access to the manufacturing process of its clothes thanks to a QR Code


2023: the year of the retail revolution?

2023 will be a pivotal year for the retail industry, with many innovations such as artificial intelligence, or changes in consumption habits such as a trend for more sustainable consumption.

You are now aware of all the trends that await you for the year, and you can trust us to meet all these challenges.

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