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Top 5 - Translation tools for your user manuals

December 2, 2022

When we asked consumers about their worst experiences with user manuals, the most common answer was "incomprehensible translation”.

Indeed, a poor translation compromises one of the first post-purchase touch points between the customer and the brand. Not only does it prevent the consumer from understanding the product or assembling the furniture, but it also damages the brand's image.

So if you want to take care of that first interaction, the Pimster team has listed 5 translation tools to help you:

Comparative table

1. DeepL

DeepL is an online translator available for free and offers good translations. If you are on a tight budget to translate your user manual, we recommend it.

The site offers error-free translations with idiomatic turns of phrase. You can write the text to be translated, copy and paste it, dictate it with the microphone or take a picture, which gives you a lot of flexibility, especially if your source text is only available in paper form.

Currently, 26 languages are available on the site.

Why DeepL?

  • DeepL is ideal for an accurate translation of your manual
  • DeepL allows you to translate your user manual at no extra cost


Free version or pro version at :

  • 5.99/month/user for unlimited text translations and 5 file translations per month
  • 19.99/month/user for unlimited text translations and 20 file translations per month
  • 39.99/month/user for unlimited text translations and 100 file translations per month

If you are a large company with a lot of product references, we recommend the latest version.

However, the free version is often sufficient, accompanied by in-house proofreading.

2. TextMaster

TextMaster is a SaaS platform that allows you to have any text translated by a professional translator in more than 50 languages within 24 hours.

Simply upload the text to be translated on the site and choose the target language. The text is then sent to a translator.

You also have the option of having the translation proofread by a TextMaster translation expert.

Why TextMaster?

  • TextMaster allows you to give a professional translation to your manual
  • TextMaster gives you the opportunity to outsource the translation of your user manuals, thus saving time


The platform offers different rates, but the most interesting one in our opinion is the one at €0.12 per word, for a translation done by a professional native speaker.

3. Worders

This agency offers professional translation services and is often rated as one of the best. Worders provides translation that respects the contexts of the translated sentences and the idioms of the target language.

Why Worders?

  • Worders saves you time
  • Worders offers you one of the best translations


0,16€ per word

4. Traduc

Traduc is also an online translation agency, offering translations in more than 90 languages and adapting to different industries.

All you have to do is upload your user manual to the site and describe your needs, then place an order. The site will then forward your manual to the translators it deems most appropriate. Then you can choose one or more of the selected translators.

Finally, you receive your translation and you can exchange directly with the translator.

If you are not satisfied with the translation, you can ask for changes for free.

Traduc recently published a blog post detailing the importance of a good translation for a user manual. We advise you to take a look at it!

Why Traduc?

  • Traduc lets you choose your translator
  • Traduc offers a large number of different languages


On quotation, with sliding scale rates.

5. Pimster

At Pimster we offer a SaaS platform that allows you to write and edit your instructions for use. It is a collaborative space that centralizes all your data concerning your product user manuals. Thus you can invite your collaborators on our platform and authorize them to modify the user manuals present. This allows you to invite a translator in one click, or to add a bilingual colleague.

Why Pimster?

  • Pimster centralizes information and allows you to not lose track of your translations
  • Pimster is a collaboration platform that promotes exchange within your company and allows you to make the most of your existing resources
  • Pimster also makes it easy to collaborate with the external translators you work with, as they work directly on the same platform as you

Price: Request a demo