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Top 5 tools to save time time when writing product manuals

December 2, 2022

No time to deal with your user manuals? Here are 5 tools to help you go faster

Time is an important but limited resource, and when you're working on a new product, you can never have enough of it. It is therefore essential to be able to save time on key elements, such as the user manual!

It is important not to forget it, if you are not convinced, do not hesitate to read our last article. But we know that the user manuals can be very time consuming, that's why the Pimster team has built this list from our observations and to help you go faster !

Don't hesitate to use these lists as starting points, ask yourself about your needs and test the different tools. This is the best way to find the one that best suits your needs.Let us know if you find any new ones, we'll be happy to try them out, and we can tell you about them in a future post on our blog!

1. Notion: to group your data and save time on updates

Notion is THE editing software designed for teamwork. Indeed Notion is a collaboration platform that allows you to create documents, tables or databases.

Notion is therefore ideal to help you organize the writing of your manual and above all the application allows you to centralize all your data in a single space that is available to all the members of your team who participate in the editing of your manual. No more sending emails with new versions of the same document. With Notion, all you have to do is modify the document and leave a comment to inform the other collaborators.

Why Notion?

  • Notion allows you to group all your data concerning your products in the same place (images, technical characteristics, ...).
  • Notion helps you collaborate with your team by allowing you to work on the same documents at the same time.
  • Notion improves communication within your company by allowing you to exchange directly on the documents with comments.


8$ per member of your team per month.

2. Trello: to avoid missing any step

Trello is a task management tool, solo or in collaboration. It allows you to organize yourself to make sure you don't miss any step in the editing of your user manual, and allows everyone to follow the progress of the writing and proofreading work.

Trello allows you to manage your workflow with peace of mind, so that creating your manual is no longer a chore. You can efficiently manage the publishing process within your team, because Trello allows you to work together on the progress of your project!

Why Trello?

  • Trello can be completely customized, so that it can be adapted to the needs of your workflows.
  • Trello helps you follow the step-by-step process of managing the tasks involved in writing a manual, by grouping all your projects and tasks in one place.
  • Trello allows you to automate certain steps, without coding.


17.5$ per user per month (based on a team of 50 people).

3. External technical writer: for a professional manual

To help you write your manual, you can also call on a technical writer. A technical writer is specialized in the production of technical documents (software documentation, specialized products...) for complex products and requires professional expertise to write the manual.

Technical writers are specialists, and technical documentation is not just a manual, it is framed by specific writing standards.

The technical writer is particularly useful if your product must be accompanied by a technical document and if your field of activity (pharmaceutical, telecom, railway, aviation...) has specific standards in the information transmitted (specific writing support, mandatory warning sentences...)

Why use a technical writer?

  • A technical writer writes your user manual for you, thus saving you time.
  • A technical writer ensures that you don't miss out on standards and regulations relevant to your sector and industry, as they are integrated into the text.


100€ per manual page.

4. Adobe InDesign : to stand out efficiently

Adobe InDesign is part of the Adobe suite and allows you to layout documents. Adobe InDesign allows you to edit your text easily and to create visuals quickly. Moreover, you can easily give access to your collaborators to validate your creations, which facilitates exchanges within your team and avoids endless exchanges of emails.

Why Indesign?

  • Adobe InDesign gives you access to the entire Adobe database, and therefore to original and unpublished templates to inspire you.
  • Adobe InDesign can format text in the blink of an eye, just copy and paste.
  • Adobe InDesign also offers you tutorials to perfectly master the codes and create an attractive and effective manual as quickly as possible.


23,99€/month or 287,77€/year.

5. Pimster: for a manual that stands out from the crowd

Pimster is a software platform that allows you to create and edit manuals in short video format. You can work with several people on the platform, so that you can all work together to edit your manual and be sure not to lose track.

Pimster also allows you to completely customize your textbook, without having to use a single line of code!

You now have a choice: you can create a video manual with our advice and expertise or you can choose to write your manual on our collaborative platform, and centralize all your instructions and product information.

Why Pimster?

  • Pimster allows you to create a video-based manual in no time at all.
  • Pimster also offers a 100% digital and interactive format of your manual, made from scratch or with the pdf version of your manual.
  • Pimster makes your manual accessible, by placing a QR code directly on your product and redirecting to the online manual.

Price : Request a demo