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The 5 departments that will benefit from a successful post-purchase customer experience

February 17, 2023

In order to deliver a memorable customer experience, your entire company must be engaged in the process and focused on the same objective: humanize your interactions and thus improve your customer relationship. But it's not easy to get all the departments of your company involved in this quest, which is why the Pimster team has analysed for you the 5 departments that will benefit from the construction of a performing post-purchase customer experience.

Supply Chain Management

Establishing an effective post-purchase customer experience strategy will turn your attention to taking care of your brand image, but it will also push you to improve every link in your supply chain. To improve the friction points in the supply chain, it is important to have complete analytical performance reports. Analysing and anticipating potential returns or recurring failures allows you to monitor your inventory and source spare parts accordingly.

Also, tracking your raw material supply allows you to better anticipate your orders and to reduce the delivery time to your home or store as much as possible, with the sole purpose of offering the best possible customer experience.

To improve your tracking in this area, the best solution is to centralize your data under the same software. Your company probably works with a multitude of suppliers and carriers, which greatly complicates your information gathering.

Post-purchase experience data will really help you make decisions about your supply chain. For example, it allows you to predict the need for additional purchases for your inventory if you notice frequent breakage or failure on your products. But also, it will help you to better forecast your inventory thanks to your customer feedback, and to modify the production if necessary.


One might think that taking care of the post-purchase customer experience does not concern the sales department. However, think again, the customer experience has a huge impact on your future sales and conditions the work of your sales team. In fact, companies that establish an emotional connection with their customers and therefore create a post-purchase customer experience, have a sales growth of 85% higher than their competitors. (Forbes, 2019)

Here are some examples of emotional connection you can create with your customers:

  • Propose a consumable subscription with your consumer's favorite products, for a coffee brand for example.
  • Anticipate user behaviors: send regular messages or emails with anticipated recommendations. For example: it's almost time to service your electric bike, or: stop by the store for your safety.


This is the department we think of first when we talk about revolutionizing the customer experience and post-purchase. It is true that it is certainly the one that is most impacted by a new corporate strategy focused on customer care.

Indeed, as Denise Lee Yohn stated in 2019 in the American magazine Harvard Business Review: “Customer experience has become the new marketing. It influences brand perception and company performance just as strongly as traditional marketing, such as media advertising and price promotions.”

On that front, Pimster has a lot to contribute with a product grip platform right from unboxing, and that accompanies customers in their daily use. This digital user guide accessible via a QR code placed on the product is an important selling point, and can be put forward by your marketing department. Indeed, as explained above, marketing today is no longer limited to classic promotional and advertising campaigns. It is a global and perpetual interaction between your brand and your customers, both in pre-purchase, but especially in the universe of post-purchase with a support on the use of your products. This support can be done in several ways: an efficient after-sales service or a user guide that will follow the consumer in his use of the product.

The Customer Relationship Management department

It is obvious that your post-purchase customer relationship management teams will be greatly affected by the development of a customer experience marketing strategy.

As an example, Pimster allows you to track and analyze your customer data, which helps to:

  • Analyze which pages are the most viewed or replayed in your interface.
  • Understand what are the most important friction points with your product, but also what are the concerns of your customers.

Indeed, we have noticed that the pages most consulted by consumers are, on average, the maintenance pages and the tips to extend the life of the products. This allows us to help our clients develop their webapp by advising them on how to highlight their maintenance tips, in a sustainable way, which is also very much appreciated by our clients.


After-sales service

Did you know that 89% of customers get frustrated when they have to repeat their question to multiple service agents? (Forbes, 2019)

That's the whole point of a strategy focused on the customer experience. Take care of all the touchpoints between your brand and your customers, and shake up your after-sales service: results guaranteed!

With Pimster, you have access to live customer feedback left on our webapp, which allows you to improve your after-sales service. These reviews left on our platform also feed your referencing with Google reviews.

Our interface also includes a keyword search bar allowing consumers to find their way around and get the answer to their question in just a few clicks, without having to contact an after-sales service by phone or even worse, a chatbot. With our solution, this means 15% fewer level 1 service tickets for your company!

It is the magazine Harvard Business Review that reminds us that: “88% of customers expect companies to provide self-service support.” Therefore, revolutionizing your customer experience no longer waits, it has become a must for your brand if you want to remain competitive.

Moreover, it's important to note that it's a new interface that allows you to save a lot of money on your customer service**, while improving it: it's a win-win!

Are you convinced that the future lies in the post-purchase customer experience?

Here are the things you need to remember in building your post-purchase customer experience:

  • Sales, Marketing, Customer Relationship Management and Service departments, in addition to your supply chain management, will all benefit from an improved customer experience, mainly because of the accurate data it provides to your business.
  • We can help your brand build a post-purchase customer experience with an all-in-one platform that saves you from having to spread yourself thin on a multitude of different software. We centralize all customer data so you can organize your company and communicate easily with all your departments.

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