The new revolution is here
The Digital Product Passport changes the way we consume, moving from a linear to a circular economy.
What is a Digital Product Passport ? 
To achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, the European Commission adopted the Ecodesign Sustainable Product Regulation (ESPR) strategy at the end of March 2022.
Digital Product Passports will enable brands to collect and display data along the product lifecycle. DPP shall be based on open standards and physically available to consumers on the product.  
Scan your physical product to access the product data.
Product lifecycle
Product data for repairing, maintaining and recycling your product.
Improve traceability of products along the value chain
Demystifying EU's Digital Product Passport legislation
The ESPR will come into force progressively for all industries from 2026. All products in the European market must provide a Digital Product Passport.
Turn compliance into opportunity
-> Open a new communication channel to stay in touch with market trends
-> Increase loyalty through a unique experience to explore the full potential of your products
-> Elevate conversions with reinsurance content from maintenance to second life

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