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Video content to optimise your e-commerce website

May 29, 2024

Benefits of video contents and widget to increase add-to-cart

In an era dominated by e-commerce, standing out amidst the digital clutter is paramount for brands seeking success. As acquisition costs rise and competition intensifies, the focus shifts to enhancing conversion rates, increasing cart additions, and driving traffic to websites. Striking a balance between Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) channels and distributor sales becomes crucial.

The solution lies in leveraging video content and widgets as tools for reassurance and conversion throughout the purchase journey.

Video content has become a dominant force on the internet, constituting a staggering 82% of all online traffic. This statistic underscores the immense popularity and effectiveness of video in capturing audience attention and delivering messages. Websites equipped with video content witness a remarkable 88% increase in user engagement compared to those without.

Furthermore, videos are shared a staggering 1200% more than combined text and image content. This viral potential positions video as a formidable tool for amplifying brand reach and driving organic growth. Additionally, a positive user experience with video advertising dramatically enhances the likelihood of purchase by an impressive 97%, further cementing video's pivotal role in the conversion process.

Beyond enriching your customer's experience, web stories also contribute to enhancing your organic SEO. Google's algorithm highly favors the web story format, especially since the introduction of its Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) initiative.

With CSS, it's possible to keep all these words while adapting the formatting so that the information in the title is better understood and arranged in a hierarchy.

Enhanced product understanding

Video content serves as an invaluable tool for providing consumers with comprehensive insights into product features and functionalities. Unlike static images or text descriptions, videos offer dynamic presentations that vividly showcase products in action. By demonstrating how products work in real-life scenarios, videos enable consumers to grasp their utility and value proposition more effectively.

Increased engagement

One of the most compelling advantages of video content is its ability to captivate audience attention and prolong website visits.

As a result, websites featuring video content experience higher user engagement metrics, including longer average session durations and lower bounce rates. Moreover, video content's innate shareability across social media platforms amplifies its reach and impact, further fueling audience engagement and brand visibility in the digital landscape.

Trust and reassurance

In an era where consumer trust is paramount, video content plays a crucial role in fostering authenticity and credibility for brands. By showcasing genuine customer reviews and testimonials, videos provide social proof of product quality and customer satisfaction. This transparent approach builds trust and reassures prospective buyers, alleviating concerns and objections along the purchasing journey.

Sticky widget or integrate iframe?

Sticky widget

The sticky widget enables you to showcase web stories seamlessly, without overcrowding your pages! This also allows you to keep web stories visible as your customer scrolls through the page on your site. It can be inserted at the bottom, at the corner or everywhere you decide.

This widget provides a sneak peek of the content, staying compact until the visitor interacts with it: upon clicking, the widget expands, granting access to all slides for browsing.

Integrated webstories

Integrating webstories directly onto a specific page (product page, product landing page, home page) allows you to enrich your information dynamically and focus the user on a particular content and objective.

They have a more specific objective of reassuring or responding to an objection if they are correctly inserted into the user journey.

For example, by placing them just above the "add to basket" button, we've seen an increase of +31% in the number of items added to the basket thanks to stories.

But which video content goes where

Tips for maximizing your videos impact

To maximize the impact of video content, brands should adhere to certain best practices. Firstly, choosing appropriate video formats based on content objectives and audience preferences is crucial. Whether explanatory, demonstrative, or product-focused, the format should align with the intended message and platform.

Moreover, adjusting video duration based on platform requirements and content complexity ensures optimal viewer engagement. Investing in professional editing and production quality ensures that videos effectively convey the brand's image and messaging.

Clear calls-to-action within videos prompt user interaction and facilitate desired outcomes, such as website visits or product purchases. Finally, analyzing video performance metrics, such as views and click-through rates, provides valuable insights for refining content strategies and optimizing conversion outcomes.

  1. Choosing the right video format: explanatory video, demonstration video, product video, etc.
  2. Adapt the length of the video: clarity is essential. Limit yourself to 5 to 6 story frames with a maximum duration of 6 to 10 seconds per frame. Videos of up to 2 minutes get the most engagement.
  3. Take care with the quality of the video.
  4. Add calls to action: invite users to subscribe, buy the product, etc.
  5. Analyse video performance: track the number of views, click-through rates, etc.

Pre-conversion tunnel

In the initial stages of the customer journey, video content plays a pivotal role in establishing brand awareness and nurturing interest. On the homepage, brands can leverage introduction videos to provide a compelling overview of their offerings and brand ethos.

Furthermore, incorporating customer testimonials into video format enhances social proof and builds trust among visitors.

The values and commitments of a brand are increasingly important to younger generations, significantly influencing their buying choices. Studies show that 71% of individuals express greater loyalty to brands that align with their values.

Therefore, do not hesitate to share brand history videos, manifesto or even a word from the founder.

Crafting a heartfelt message cultivates an emotional bond, giving visitors a glimpse into the personality, passion, and authenticity that drive your company. This genuine touch humanizes your brand once more, forging a deeper connection with your audience.

Mid-conversion tunnel

As customers progress through the conversion funnel, targeted video content becomes instrumental in facilitating purchasing decisions. Product detail pages benefit from immersive 360° product videos, enabling customers to examine products from all angles and gain a comprehensive understanding of their features. Moreover, customer video reviews offer authentic insights into product performance and quality, influencing prospective buyers' confidence levels.

Product detail videos are the little extra-miles that make all the difference. Given that, online users only consume about 20% of the content on the pages they browse, it becomes evident how crucial it is to convey vital information visually.

Don't forget to showcase tips and tutorials—they're invaluable resources that spotlight your expertise and lend credibility to your brand.

Post-conversion tunnel

Acquisition is x7 more expensive than retention. Once a visitor converted into a customer, you better build a strong relationship and loyalty with him.

Maximizing your content involves incorporating your web stories into your email or SMS campaigns. This approach allows you to overcome the limitations of character count, ensuring comprehensive messaging that engages your audience effectively.

Identify all your customer from your e-commerce website to your wholesales network with a QR code on your product instructions or packaging and spice up your customer onboarding with how-to videos.

Leveraging the potential of User-Generated Content (UGC)

User-Generated Content (UGC) serves as a cornerstone in modern digital marketing strategies, offering unparalleled authenticity and trustworthiness. Defined as content created by users, UGC holds immense value due to its genuine nature, resonating deeply with audiences.

One of the primary advantages of UGC is its ability to foster authenticity and trust, as consumers tend to rely more on recommendations and reviews from their peers than traditional advertising. Moreover, UGC drives increased engagement and virality, as users are more likely to interact with and share content created by their peers. Additionally, the diversity and richness of UGC contribute to a dynamic online presence, showcasing a wide range of perspectives and experiences related to a brand or product.

Not surprisingly, 85% of consumers say they turn to visual UGC content rather than branded content when making purchasing decisions.

These video-based customer reviews offer immediate answers to these questions, sharing credible feedback on the customer's experience, thereby alleviating any reluctance to make a purchase.

In a competitive e-commerce landscape, achieving significant increases in conversion rates and average cart values requires strategic innovation and effective implementation of digital solutions. A compelling case study exemplifying this is the success story of Akho or Daantech, a brand that sought to enhance its online performance through the integration of product videos and a "shop the look" widget.

With the objective of increasing conversions on their e-commerce platform, Akho or Daantech embarked on a strategic initiative to leverage multimedia content and interactive features.

The results of this initiative were remarkable, with Akho or Daantech experiencing a substantial 20% increase in conversion rates, indicative of the effectiveness of their video and widget integration strategy. Furthermore, the average cart value saw a notable 30% increase, underscoring the impact of multimedia content in influencing purchasing behavior and driving higher transaction values.

Through a combination of engaging product videos and a user-friendly shopping experience facilitated by the "shop the look" widget, Akho or Daantech successfully optimized their online platform to deliver tangible business results.