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Top 10 - Best user manuals 2022

December 2, 2022

Top 10—Best user manuals 2022

There are an infinite number of user manuals, and they are all intended for different uses: assembly, installation, handling of the object, maintenance… Yet very little give real satisfaction and many are thrown away as soon as they are unpacked.

The user's manual is no longer just a paper booklet, often indigestible, that nobody reads. It's a real user experience that some brands have seized upon to create unique experiences. At Pimster, we also help brands to transform their instruction manuals and revalue them to make them a pivotal element between the brand and the customer in the post-purchase stage.

1. Tesla

Tesla has revolutionized the automotive world by promoting 100% electric cars and rethinking the use of cars. Moreover, the use of the car is improved thanks to a fantastic user manual available online and downloadable in pdf format, to be able to consult and reconsult it in offline mode.

Key features:

This user manual is among the best because it offers:

  • a clean design and therefore pleasant to read
  • the manual is divided into several modules allowing a good handling of the vehicle and an efficient global knowledge
  • the information concerning safety is also well put forward
  • the manual is illustrated with simple pictures and clear diagrams which allows an easy understanding.

Ideal for

  • getting to know the vehicle
  • know the warnings and safety information

Access to the user manual

Directly on Tesla's website

2. Dyson

In addition to its traditional paper manual, Dyson offers an online guide and tips**, accessible directly on its website. The innovation in all this? Dyson offers short, practical video tutorials on a specific issue.

And another novelty: the brand helps consumers in the self-repair of their product! To do this, simply click on the "troubleshooting" tab and follow the steps to target your problem. Once your breakdown is determined, you have access to a short and clear explanation page with solutions listed.

Key features

  • Themed sections**: troubleshooting, spare parts, guide and tips, contact form
  • A revolutionary repair form, encouraging maintenance and self-repair.

Access to the instructions

  • Online, on the Dyson website, simply search for your appliance to get access to assistance
  • Downloadable in pdf format from the Dyson website

3. Apple

Apple is known to offer a "Quick Start", which is a paper page for all its products, allowing a quick start. But the brand also has remarkable online manuals on its website.

The user manuals for the iPhone, for example, are structured by major themes that often pose problems for users: "first steps", "take great shots" or "backup data with iCloud". This allows everyone to quickly find the answer to their problem.

Key features

  • a structure that focuses on the users' problems to solve them in the best way
  • numerous illustrations


On Apple's website.

4. Ikea

As soon as you think of instructions, you immediately think of Ikea furniture. Who has never assembled a Billy bookcase with its instructions filled with diagrams?

If the brand evokes a memory linked to the instructions, it's because it offers pure and practical instructions, understandable by all. The only sentences present are the safety warnings when using the furniture. For the Billy cabinet, for example, it is recommended to fix the cabinet to the wall to avoid the risk of falling.

Key features

  • Only pictures, no words are present. This allows to have a universal user guide and avoids translation problems.
  • Instructions for use are often very short and minimalist.


  • Paper instructions delivered with the product.
  • On the Ikea website, by searching for the product in the search bar, you can then download the user manual in pdf format on the product page.

5 Lego

Just like Ikea, the Lego concept cannot do without user manuals, since the game itself is based on these instructions. Here again, Lego has opted for universal instructions, which do not require any translation because no written instructions are given.

Finally, the Lego instructions are the easiest to use because they detail all the steps of the construction, it is impossible to make mistakes.

But that's not all! Lego now offers interactive assembly instructions on some sets. Simply download the application Instructions PLUS, then scan the QR code on the box to access a 3D instruction!

Key features

  • Only images
  • Very detailed steps, following a "step-by-step" model


  • Paper instructions delivered with the product
  • On the website, it is possible to download the manual in pdf format, by searching by keywords.

6. Renault

Car manufacturers have always offered an instruction manual, which has grown into the huge books we know today and which we all leave sleeping in the glove compartment. Yet Renault, a pioneer in the field, now offers online operating instructions for vehicle handling and maintenance.

Key features

  • Innovative manual. The automobile is, logically, a sector filled with safety warning obligations, which is why opting for an online manual can be controversial, even though it actually makes it more accessible and promotes safety through proper handling of the vehicle.


  • Manual available online directly on the Renault website

7. Ooni

Ooni, a brand of personal pizza ovens, offers its customers the opportunity to download its application in order to have access to usage tips. The application features an easy-to-use, intuitive and comprehensive interface that allows you to start your oven and gives you recipe ideas.


Key features

  • The interface is entirely on an application, which gives the impression of entering the world of the brand.


  • Via the brand's application.

8. Cowboy

The electric bike start-up offers a clean user manual just like its bikes. On top of that, the brand offers video tutorials on its site to help with maintenance and repair.

Key features

  • Clean and efficient design
  • A manual that focuses on handling and also maintenance!


  • Paper manual delivered with the product
  • Downloadable online in pdf format
  • Video tutorials available on the site.

9. Brandt

The brand offers user manuals with all its products. These manuals are simple and easy to use. Brandt also emphasizes self-repair in its manuals, as "solution trees" (tables listing common breakdowns and their solutions) allow consumers to solve their breakdowns on their own.

Key features

  • Presence of numerous warnings.
  • Ergonomic and practical troubleshooting manual with FAQ.


  • Paper manual
  • Available on the site in pdf format, by entering the product reference

10. FitBit

FitBit offers, in addition to its paper instruction, an express user guide on its website. This instruction manual is very efficient and concentrates the bare essentials to use its connected sports watch.

Key features

  • An excellent quick user guide with images and videos.
  • An instruction manual that also includes maintenance tips.


  • Paper manual
  • Quick manual available online

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