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Starlett X Pimster : The future of customer experience

November 16, 2022

Starlett is a new French start-up co-founded by Jean Baptiste Godard, that provides premium hotels with fleets of electric scooters with a retro look. Starting next April, Starlett will also offer its service to individuals renting seasonal rentals or second homes.

During their first activity season in 2021, Starlett faced a major challenge in the handling of the scooter. Hotel guests often wanted a quick training on how to operate the scooter. Scarlett’s solution was to train hotel managers in the proper use of the scooter, who would then explain the operation to their guests.

For 6 months, Starlett has been using Pimster. This new tool revolutionizes the way they support their customers. Users have access to this guide via a QR code placed on the top case of the scooters. The guide is also available through a simple Google search or from the Starlett website.

The Pimster assistant is a real time saver for the Starlett team, it allows users to understand in an intuitive way and in complete autonomy how the scooter works.


Discover the Pimster assistant **here 🎉**

An incredible time saver 🌟

“Thanks to Pimster, we were able to promote our product, our brand and to provide a real customer experience to our users. The white label and instant editable format gives us real agility in updating content.

We save more than 10 hours per week thanks to this new tool, it’s just impressive,” explains Jean-Baptiste.

Provide the best experience to our users 🔥

“The stories we created in the interface are a more modern and effective way to explain our product to our users. With a scan or click, our customers have instant access to an immersive and uncluttered experience. The assistant highlights our scooter and explains its features step by step.

Since some of our customers are foreign, the guide is also available in English, the user doesn’t have to do anything, the interface retrieves the phone settings and provides the guide in the  language of the phone.”

Better respond to customer requests 🎯

Finally, Pimster provides Starlett teams with comprehensive metrics and dashboards, as well as fully exportable datasets: these numerical analyses allow Starlett to objectify the issues faced by their customers.

The good news: there's a lot of new stuff to come! Starlett and Pimster are now working hand in hand to add new features to the tool. A Pimster guide will soon come with the launch of a new scooter, so stay tuned!

If this use case inspires you, please contact gregoire@pimster.app, we'll be happy to help!