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Making gliding accessible for everyone: Ride More's success story

July 20, 2023

With the collaboration of William Faugere, founder and president of Ride More, created in 2013. In charge of Evolve Skateboard in France, Belgium and Luxembourg

Rolling year in and year out — for everyone

The Pimster solution replaces traditional, obsolete printed manuals with a personalized, innovative and accessible experience, improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Ride More was born out of the idea that it was possible to practice one's passion for gliding sports at any time of the year, and thus prolong all those rare moments of happiness that come with snowboarding in winter and surfing in summer, among others...

Ride More's ambition is to democratize the passion for everyday riding for as many people as possible, with products for sport and everyday riding, but mainly for longboarding. We offer hand-picked articles that show high standards in terms of quality, performance, and innovation. We target a clientele looking for unique, effective hardboard products.

No matter if the goal is to practice sports, have a nice family outing, or go for a short trip, Ride More's solutions are there for everyone to enjoy.

From niche to the general public: the importance of easy-to-understand instructions

New technologies allow for the bigger public to access products that were once reserved for a select few, and the electric skateboard is a great example of it. Knowledge plays a big part in attracting people to try out this sport, as there can be a lot of misconceptions about it.

Once again, technology can play a big role in connecting the ones who are interested in it to the relevant content, since it makes the resources more widely available. It also permits the creation of more engaging and clear content, guaranteeing correct and safe usage.

A single source of truth - scalable customer experience for growing companies

Before implementing Pimster’s solution, knowledge about the skateboard was shared through a variety of channels, making it harder to manage and access it. Now, all resources are concentrated in a single, organized platform, preventing loss and allowing for easy updates.

With better organization, Ridemore can offer its growing community of users the knowledge they need, at scale. Whether it's a tutorial, a guide, or a demonstration, Pimster platform empowers users to access the knowledge they need, anywhere they are, guaranteeing the safe and optimal use of the electric skateboard. 

We are excited to extend this solution to other products in our portfolio so that every customer experience is taken to new heights.